The Spot / Wind Conditions
Wind Conditions in Zanzibar are excellent, either for beginners or for advanced riders.

The Wind
  • For beginners, the best period starts from 15th June to 15th October, and from late December to 15th March.
  • Fro advanced people, the best period starts from 15th June to 15th September, and from early January to late February.
From June to October : side on shore (South-West)
In December : Nothern Wind. In average, wind is blowing at 16 knots, a bit more in the evening. Wing sizes are from 9, 10 and 12m.
Water is always warm with a temperature above 24. Therefore, you don't need to bring your water suit. However, the UV index is quite strong and we recommend you to bring an anti-UV long leave shirt. Also, you need to bring some water shoes. We can provide these equipments if you forgot to bring yours.
The Lagoon
The lagoon is a perfect spot, shallow water easing the learning for beginners; also very flat and ideal for freestylers and advanced freeriders. Water shoes are essential against some urchins.
The Waves
On the Reef, we have some big waves, amazing for experts. When tide is half the way up, it is time to explore waves ! We do some nice downwinds to enjoy the waves. Waves measure between 1.5m to 3.5m !